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Any brand owner can make a new convenience for hot-fill and retort applications such as soup, nutritional beverages, coffee, and tea with the new released 40-mm Ideal Closure from Crown Closures Americas. Compatible with plastic or glass containers, the Ideal Closure delivers a better performance, easier opening, and brand differentiation on the retail shelf.



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Closure Scoop

Weatherchem’s MegaFlap closure features an integrated scoop. The closure system is designed for large package applications that are large, big, sometimes heavy and hard to handle. Potential packaging applications include nutraceutical powders, snacks, lawn care, pet foods, or ice melt.

The scoop clips onto the inside of the lid, which gives consumers with a simple way to store the scoop with the powder. Weatherchem notes that this storage method can provide brand owners and retailers a cleaner and more modern look than scoops stored outside the primary package. The closure also has a high gloss finish and can be custom made for further shelf impact.

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