Crown’s New Closure

Any brand owner can make a new convenience for hot-fill and retort applications such as soup, nutritional beverages, coffee, and tea with the new released 40-mm Ideal Closure from Crown Closures Americas. Compatible with plastic or glass containers, the Ideal Closure delivers a better performance, easier opening, and brand differentiation on the retail shelf.

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Nick Menna, owner of Nicholas Enterprises, launches a new liqueur imported from France called Cotton Candy Liqueur. He called his longtime design firm Flowdesign to help develop the look and identity of this exciting new spirit. (Cotton Candy Liqueur is a subtle blend of ultra premium French vodka with ripples of cotton candy natural flavors that is great on the rocks or as a mixer.)

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Moët & Chandon launches the new Golden Premium Jeroboam’s Impérial bottle in limited-edition packaging that customers can personalize by signing it with a specially crafted pen. Thus, they can have a unique souvenir that recalls us to other bottles Moët & Chandon has created for almost 300 years for special event, such as the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II to the wedding of Grace of Monaco. This is merely another level of luxury. Continue Reading »

Closure Scoop

Weatherchem’s MegaFlap closure features an integrated scoop. The closure system is designed for large package applications that are large, big, sometimes heavy and hard to handle. Potential packaging applications include nutraceutical powders, snacks, lawn care, pet foods, or ice melt.

The scoop clips onto the inside of the lid, which gives consumers with a simple way to store the scoop with the powder. Weatherchem notes that this storage method can provide brand owners and retailers a cleaner and more modern look than scoops stored outside the primary package. The closure also has a high gloss finish and can be custom made for further shelf impact.

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Anna’s Cookie

Anna’s Thins just got their packagings’ new look – a bold new logo and bright colors – for the cookies‘ distinctive flavors – Ginger Thins, Almond Thins, Orange Thins, and Chocolate Mint Thins.

In Stockholm (Sweden) 1920s, with their mother’s recipe, Anna Karisson and her sister opened a small bakery to sell ginger cookie. Today Anna’s Thins has sold for more than 1 billion around the world. To increase the brand’s shelf to its broader audience, Anna’s Thins brand owner Lotus Bakeries partnered with design firm Turner Duckworth. The new design has revitalized the brand and targeted to the North American market.

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Take a look at the Ben & Jerry’s packaging and production process: this is the story of how the best of green intentions can go back. Many customers get frustrated by how slowly many companies respond to new developments: Why can’t we have biodegradable plastic bags everywhere? When are we going to have plugs for electric cars so they’re really convenient to charge?

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8. Onomatopoeia: A brand can express itself in an onomatopoeic manner and those who match the letters with the word are the best. Since many years the favourite among Swedes is the “mums-mums”, a light foamy chocolate with a typography that has been well used for this type of product.

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